What is Buh?

Webster's has this to say about Buh:
Webster Definition for "buh"

   No definition for 'buh'. Maybe you mean:
    1. bah
    2. bud
    3. bug
    4. buhl
    5. buhr
    6. bum
    7. bun
    8. bur
    9. bus
   10. bush
   11. but
   12. buy

their definition for "bah" comes pretty close though:
   bah \'ba:, 'ba\ ij : - used to express disdain or contempt

Perhaps more revealingly, however, independent research has suggested that "Buh" is the Czech word for "God", or something similar anyway. This may just be an eerie coincidence though, and really wasn't worth verifying.

Otopeni airport in Bucharest, Romania has the international airport code of BUH.

Also, according to this site,"ba! buh" means "Hey you!" in Romanian.

You're free to imagine your own definition of "Buh" if none of these suit you :)

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