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Aruba and Curacao, May 2008

A little getaway between spring semester and summer session.
London, Oxford, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, 7/2007
Summer break! Visiting Monica while she was at Oxford led to several side trips.
Belize, 5/2007
Memorial Day Weekend 2007 in Belize
Amsterdam and Edinburgh, 3/2007
Spring Break with Monica, Eric and Toni
Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Rio - Brazil, 7/2006
Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Rio with Eric and Toni. Finally put them up, having accepted that I'll never get around to sorting, labelling, or organizing them in any way. Eric and Toni's pictures are here: Paraty, Ilha Grande, and Rio on flickr, and have a few dupes from my set.
IETF-63 7-8/2005
Taking a few extra days while I was in the area for IETF-63 in Paris, I rambled from Amsterdam to Brussels and on to Paris, then up to London before heading back home.
Great Canadian Road Trip VI, 10/2004
This year, we followed the Kootenay Ice through the WHL's eastern division, as Seattle's schedule didn't work out well for us. There are some of Brandon's pictures mixed in.
Great Canadian Road Trip V, 11/2003
What compels normally sane people to venture into the depths of Alberta and Sasketchewan in the middle of winter? Hockey, of course! See Brandon and Erik follow the Seattle Thunderbirds across central Canada...
IETF 58, 11/2003
Some pictures of minneapolis and ietf-58 on the way to gcrt-v. sadly the night pictures are cruddy as I hadn't yet figured out how to manually tweak things on the new camera...
Portland, 6/2002
Pilgrimage to 23.com, meeting up with several old Netkom buddies who did a motorcycle convoy up from the bay area.
Netkom POPs, circa 1998
I resisted making these public for a long time, since the locations, equipment, and so on might be considered to reveal confidential information. And, well, I didn't want to publish some of the more embarassing aspects of some of these sites. Given that several years have passed, and ICG now is part of Level3, I assume that they've long since moved out of any of these sites or at least completely redone them. And there are some fantastic cable-management techniques demonstrated here that are too good not to share ;)
Most of these were taken by Mike Newton, some by me.


Most of the older pictures were taken with a CoolPix 990. Some of the old stuff was taken with various 35mm cameras and converted to photocd when developed.

Then the 990 got stolen (along with a lot of other stuff), so since September of '03, most stuff you'll see here was taken with a Canon Digital Rebel. I'd almost forgotten just how nice it is to work with a real SLR...

Although as wonderful a camera as that is, it's bulky and not really convenient to travel with or to use for quick snapshots. So as of January '05 most of the vacation pictures probably came from the big Canon's little brother, an A85. After a while, I decided a better midrange camera was in order, and since mid 2008 a Canon G9 has been my weapon of choice - good quality and control, shoots raw, and more-or-less pocket sized.

Everything used to be managed manually (with some simple homegrown scripts to generate thumbnails and indexes), but recently I've switched to Apple's iPhoto. I hate to sound like an ad (since I'm not being paid - Mr. Jobs, feel free to change that!), but OS X rocks, and iPhoto is great for managing pictures, and exports to fairly clean html (though I've gotten lazy, and now sometimes use Picasa).