buhpix morgue*

* I always liked the newspaper term, "morgue"
aka erik's archive of old and crufty photo albums

vacation pictures

Amsterdam/Brugge/Paris Vacation 5/2003
Erik and Kelly's 5th anniversary...
Montreal and Quebec City, 5/2002
What? A vacation on the same continent?
Germany/Austria/Switzerland Vacation 5/2001
sadly, these are pretty grainy. Dunno if it was old film, or they just got zapped going through the xray machine coming back.
Italy Vacation 5/2000
... but we neglected to get any pictures from Halifax on the way back.

various housing pictures

Our old "new" Apartment in beautiful, scenic Mountlake Terrace from when we first moved to WA (unsorted, unfiltered, un clean-uped, etc).

So, we decided a while ago that we wanted to buy a house... And after lots of looking around at lots and lots of houses that didn't fit us, or needed too much work, or were too far away, or too small, or too big we eventually found one that was just right (remind me to tell you the story about Goldilocks someday...). This is our attempt to show you what we've gotten ourselves into.

First, a few words of description. This house was variously described in ads as a "Magnolia in-city retreat" and as a "Hip 4Br/3.5Ba 2800+ sqft fully remodeled".

We'd agree with these descriptions, hopefully you will too.

These pictures don't really do it justice, but they're a good start...

Pictures of our house in Seattle.
Surprisingly soon after buying the house, we ended up moving out. To Atlanta. Yes, Atlanta. Some folks may know the story, others may not. Details here.

Here's pictures of the house we rented in Atlanta for the first year we were here.

random images

Party, 980711 (Courtesy of coredump)
DJ, Heather, Wade (97k)
Host & Hostess (67k)
Liz, flat (51k)
Something to the right? (82k)
Watson with some seriously freaky eyes-in-the-light effect thing going on (84k)
Same cat, better lighting (66k)

The shiny new car (that we don't even have any more)

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